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Our Services

Initial Consultation

An initial meeting to discuss your concerns and determine how we can support you.


Individual intervention to develop functional skills and reduce problem behaviours.

Psychological Assessment

Comprehensive psychological assessments to better understand an individual’s cognitive and developmental strengths and weaknesses.

School Observations

Comprehensive school observations, recommendations and communication with the individual’s school team.

Domestic Helper Training

Coaching parents, caregivers, and domestic helpers in understanding the individual and their needs.

Group Trainings

Trainings and workshops for parents/caregivers, support groups, schools, organizations, professionals, and other service providers.


The Singapore Sibshop – Supporting siblings of individuals with neurodevelopmental differences.

Our Team

Dr. Aveline and Dr. Tanisha are Clinical Psychologists who are dedicated to supporting families of individuals with neurodevelopmental differences.
They founded PyschHabitat in 2019 to realise their vision of supporting families in their development and growth.

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Frequently Asked Questions
We offer a wide range of assessments for children and adolescents. These include cognitive, developmental, achievement, neuropsychological, emotional and behavioural assessments. We are certified administrators of the ADOS-2 assessment, which is commonly used to diagnose autism. If you have questions about autism, ADHD, developmental delays, learning difficulties and other concerns, we are here to assist you. We encourage you to reach out to us to determine how we can better understand your concerns!
The simple answer is - No! While a diagnosis and evaluation may be helpful in understanding your child and his/her strengths and weaknesses, therapy is targeted at working on goals of either increasing skills or decreasing problem behaviours. This can be started without a formal diagnosis. Reach out to us for more information!
Typically during the first session, we will discuss the concerns you have regarding your child/adolescent. We will collect pertinent information about your child's history, and may conduct brief assessments and observations. We will then determine if the services offered at PsychHabitat are a good fit for you at this time, keeping your concerns and goals in mind.
Depending on your concerns and our goals for your child, the duration of therapy may vary. However, this is meant to be a short-term process where you and other caregivers will be able to learn the necessary skills to work with your child, such that you will eventually be able to apply these techniques without a therapist present.
Simply fill our Contact Us form, and we will get in touch with you!

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